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About FSAC

The Colorado State University Extension (CSUCE; lead agency), Adams County Social Services Department, Tri- County Health Department and Alternatives to Family Violence, with additional help from secondary partners Goodwill Industries, Partnerships for Healthy Communities and Adams County Head Start, are proposing to implement the Family Success in Adams County (FSAC) project. Project FSAC will use its team of agencies to recruit participants, and provide appropriate healthy marriage resources through standardized assessments, relationship skills education and other training, case management, referral to community resources and a two year follow-up period.

Project FSAC will annually help 150 individual participants who are unmarried expectant mothers or unmarried expectant fathers improve their interpersonal relationship, conflict resolution, employment skills and parenting skills; and 150 married couples who struggle with conflict resolution and communication skills with tools and resources to achieve greater success.

Of the 150 individual and 150 couple participants completing a relationship skills course annually (all will also receive ongoing case management), 70% or more will report improved communication, reduced negative conflict and anger episodes, and reduced violent behavior. Of individual participants completing education and training in interpersonal relationships, job training, and/or financial management courses, 75% will report improved parent-child communication, 70% will increase their household income within 12 months, 80% will take steps to improve their credit score and reduce consumer debt and 60% will reduce the number of late payments and improve their credit rating.

Colorado State University Extension, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Adams County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all without discrimination. Funding for this project provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Grant # 90FE0028


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