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Wheat Insect and Disease in Colorado

Wheat Streak Mosaic

Wheat Streak Mosaic

Wheat streak mosaic symptoms should start to show up with the warmer weather. Look for stunted plants with mottled, streaked leaves. Don't confuse the winter damage on the lower leaves with wheat streak. In the case of wheat streak, all the leaves on the infected plant often show the mottling. Many people were confusing wheat streak with winter/drought symptoms earlier in the month. Wheat streak symptoms you see now were likely the result of fall infections from the curl mite, so there is little that can be done at this point. There is great temptation to plant early in fall following rains. However, this increases the chances of streak mosaic infection since the curl mites are more likely to move or 'bridge' from volunteer wheat or corn to the new wheat crop. Resist the temptation for early planting.


Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus
Photographer William M. Brown Jr

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