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FMD Info Meeting Held

Livestock producers, veterinarians and public health officials statewide are on guard. Although the European outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has died down and the hot, dry summer weather reduces the threat, the potential impact of an outbreak in the Colorado remains in the back of their minds.

Colorado State University Extension, in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, has been holding informational meetings throughout the state. At their meetings, protocols regarding outbreak response plans were provided and reviewed.

Recently, at the Adams County office of CSU Extension, a meeting was held for public officials and extension agents throughout the Front Range region. Response procedures in the case of an emergency animal disease occurrence were covered. From the first suspected incident through the management and control of an FMD outbreak, plans for regional, state and federal officials are in place.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects cloven-hooved animals. FMD is dreaded by livestock producers because it is economically devastating and causes severe losses of meat and milk production.

For more information on foot-and-mouth disease visit Colorado State University at or contact your local CSU Extension agent.



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