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What is 4-H?

  • The Power of 4-H 4-H is youth sharing, learning and growing -to make the best, better!

  • 4-H is learning and developing Life Skills. 4-H helps develop such skills as communication, citizenship, decision-making, leadership, interpersonal relationships, community and global awareness.

  • 4-H is centered on the home and family. Encouragement and involvement is the basis of 4-H.

  • The most important is that 4-H is open to ALL people! 4-H happens in all types of places. The city, suburbs, small towns, on farms and ranches.

Opportunities for YOU!!

  • Projects

  • Community Involvement

  • Clubs and Teams

  • Fairs and more!!!

Who can be involved?

  • ANYBODY and ANYONE 5-18 yrs. old, who want to be challenged, meet new people and have fun!!


How to get Involved!!


Additional Information


4-H Symbols & such

The 4-H emblem is a four-leaf clover with the letter "H" on each leaf. The "four H's" represent the development of the member's head, heart, hands and health.

FAQ's About 4-H
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The 4-H Pledge
How to Join 4-H
Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Adams County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all with out discrimination.



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