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Adams County offers a variety of school programs that combine 4-H Curriculum with school standards. The programs we offer align with CDOE standards and fit easily into teachers’ regular curriculum, and each activity is designed to fit into a 45-minute class period or after school program.

In addition, each program is free or low cost! The only cost associated with our school programs is the cost for supplies.

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Each year, the National Western Stock Show allows students in Pre-K-6th grades to attend the NWSS School Visit Program for free through the Adams County 4-H program. The dates are in January during the Stock Show, and schools are asked to enroll by the end of November, if possible.

Pre-visits are back! This year, we will be offering pre-visits to schools as part of our National Western Stock Show tours. During these visits, a county agent and a National Western volunteer will come into the classroom to talk about what will happen at the Stock Show, what students and teachers can expect on their visit, and a fun presentation for students about different aspects of the Stock Show.

Pre-visits are limited, and teachers must register online by November 2nd in order to receive a pre-visit. In addition, teachers will need to fill out their Stock Show tour registration at the same time they sign up for a pre-visit.

Ages: 1st-6th grade
Duration: One time per year
Cost: Pre-K-6th grade free, 7-12th grade general admission rates.

Registration: Please register using the online registration, as spaces do fill quickly.

For more information pertaining to all the educational activities of the National Western Stock Show, please go to

For more information please contact Amy McFarland or Chris Uhing at 303-637-8100 or |

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Enriching Awareness in Renewing Today’s Habitat,

Growing Adventures to Respect Development of Environmental Networks Through Schools

The Earth Gardens program teaches children to respect our world and our surroundings through plant science and gardening. Students will develop skills in planning a landscape, planting and caring for a garden, and the various requirements for plant growth. Students use the curriculum provided to plan and develop a school beautification or landscaping project. This project can be something as small as window planters, or somethings as large as a schoolcommunity garden! The majority of the bedding plants and seeds are provided. In order to qualify to receive free plants and seeds, the teacher must agree to use at least six of the lessons provided and complete an online evaluation.

Ages: Kindergarth-8th grade
Duration: Year-round
Cost: none

For more information please contact Amy McFarland at 303-637-8100 or



The Mini Greenhouse project gives students the chance to learn more about plants through a hands-on curriculum. By growing their own plants, students will learn about the importance of plants, what plants need to live, and the functions of plant parts. Sign up for the Mini Greenhouse program can be done online , and must be completed by the end of March for the Spring program, or by the end of September for the Fall program.

The Mini Greenhouse project includes Mini Greenhouse kits, three types of seeds, and a teacher’s guide. The teacher’s guide contains 14 lessons dealing with plant parts and functions and eight lessons on Native American culture and the “Three Sisters:” corn, beans, and squash. The guide also contains a reading list of stories and legends about Native Americans.

Ages: Kindergarten-3rd grade
Duration: 8-10 weeks (Fall OR Spring delivery)
Cost: $1.25 per child

Ordering: Order Mini Greenhouses Online

For more information please contact Chris Uhing or Amy McFarland at 303-637-8100 or |



The STEM program consists of 10 different activities focused around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM program breaks down into three different areas of the 4-H program: Electricity, Power of Wind and Rocketry. Each area contains different hands-on learning experiences that will make learning about Science both easy and fun for children.

Ages: 2nd-4th grade
Duration: 7-10 weeks, depending on availability
Cost: $2 per child

Contact: Amy McFarland | 303-637-8107 |


The Foods and Nutrition curriculum focuses on creating healthy children by teaching them good habits for nutrition, fitness and safety. The Foods and Nutrition school program is comprised of 19 lesson plans that are easy for both teachers and students to follow. Students will learn how to measure their heart rate, create a healthy snack and build a First Aid kit, among other things. Kids will learn to be healthy, while still having fun!

Ages: Kindergarten-5th grade
Duration: 10-20 weeks, depending
on availability
Cost: $2.25 per child

Contact: Amy McFarland | 303-637-8107 |


Embryology is a fun, rewarding and educational project! The study of embryos is a great way to observe the development of life in just three short weeks by hatching chickens right in your classroom. The project provides numerous opportunities for young children to learn the value of life through their observations, as well as information about chickens, eggs and embryonic development. We are limited on incubators, so they are rented on a first come, first serve basis.

Ages: Kindergarten-5th grade
Duration: 3-4 weeks
Cost: $40 fee

Contact: Amy McFarland | 303-637-8107 |


Ag in the classroom teaches children the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives. Students will learn that we could not have fast computers without sheep, cars without cattle and, most importantly, that many of the products they use everyday can be traced back to agriculture right here in Colorado. Students will love this 60 minute program that will leaving them saying, “Wow! I didn’t know that!”

Ages: Kindergarten-4th grade
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: none

Contact: Amy McFarland | 303-637-8107 |

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact me!

I am more than willing to work with you to bring 4-H programs to your school that will meet your teachers’ needs. If you would like to meet and discuss programs not listed here, please contact me.

Amy McFarland
9755 Henderson Rd.
Brighton, CO 80601



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