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Remember walking outside last summer when it was so hot you felt like wilting?  That's when 'Stardust Orchid' performs best. It is the first Catharanthus roseus with orchid and white blooms. The pastel pattern is consistent on large 1 inch blooms, which are borne above glossy, dark green foliage and reflect light at dusk. Effective use of 'Stardust Orchid' would be outlining a path or garden feature to increase visibility as the sun sets.

'Stardust Orchid' is relatively pest free, heat and drought tolerant. Freedom of bloom in spite of the weather is a hallmark of this AAS Winner. When grown in well draining soil with full sun, 'Stardust Orchid' will reach 14-16 inches tall and wide when mature. Water the soil not the plant to avoid diseases.

One of its best qualities is the length of flowering. Spent blooms fall off of the plant so that deadheading is unnecessary. 'Stardust Orchid' is recommended for novice or experienced gardeners who want a long show of flower color with minimal garden care.

Genus, species:  Catharanthus roseus

Common name:  Vinca

Flower color: bicolor- orchid and white

Form:  single

Size:  1 inches

Height: 14-16 inches

Width: 14-16 inches

Foliage color:  glossy dark green

Spacing:  10-14 inches apart

Unique qualities:  first vinca with large white center

Length of time from sowing seed to flower:  80-90 days

Closest comparisons on market:  'Orchid Cooler,' 'Pacifica Lilac'

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