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Cilantro 'Delfino'

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'Delfino' is an aromatic, edible herb, and unlike other coriander has unique, fine fern-like foliage. 'Delfino,' like all cilantro, offers gardeners two distinctly different flavors in one handsome plant. 'Delfino' is easily grown, preferring a full sun location. The branching plant produces more leaves, resulting in a higher yield of this edible herb. The leaf flavor is similar to a strong parsley taste with citrus. The fine 'Delfino' foliage is perfect for recipes, such as salsas, requiring finely chopped leaves. Less chopping is needed. Store fresh 'Delfino' foliage with stems in a glass of water. By changing the water often, foliage remains fresh for a week.

'Delfino' plants will bolt, or flower, at higher temperatures. The small white blooms are delicious with a flavor similar to the foliage. Add cut flowers to salads. Luckily, the flowers are produced abundantly. Allow some flowers to "go to seed," which is coriander. The seed is formed in small pods, which will dry, harden and turn brown. When brown, they are ripe and ready to harvest. Use seed whole or crushed for a citrus flavor in homemade soup or chili. 'Delfino' is a dual nature herb - two flavors in one plant that is adaptable to container gardening. Plant 'Delfino' next to the edges so it cascades over the lip of the pot, adding the handsome texture to a full sun container garden.


Genus species: Coriandrum sativum
Common name: Cilantro (plant) Seed is coriander, used for seasoning. AKA Chinese parsley
Height: About 20 inches
Garden spacing: 10 - 20 inches
Unique qualities: Fine fern-like foliage - later to bolt (go to seed)
Length of time from sowing seed to harvest: 50-55 days
Closest comparison(s) on market: 'Santo,' 'Jantar,' 'Leisure'

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