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'Savoy Express' deserves a place in your flower garden because of its decorative waffle-like leaf texture. The small plants are perfect for the front of an annual or perennial garden. Be sure to group several plants together for maximum impact.

This is the earliest savoy (crinkled or waffle-like) cabbage with a sweet, non-bitter flavor perfect for slaw or other cabbage salads. 'Savoy Express' heads mature in about 55 days from transplanting, perfect for our shorter growing season here on the Front Range.  Most other Savoy cabbages require 100 growing days to harvest.

Easily grown from seed or bedding plants, the compact plants can be grown at about a foot apart in the garden. The small heads, about 1-1 pounds, are ideal for meals without too many leftovers. 'Savoy Express' cabbage is recommended for planting as a spring or fall crop in most areas of North America and it may be the earliest cabbage on the block.

'Savoy Express' seed will be available in mail-order catalogs and bedding plants will be offered at garden centers. To grow from seed, sow indoors about 5-6 weeks prior to transplanting the garden after threat of frost.

Genus, species:  Brassica oleracia var.sabauda

Unique Qualities: earliest savoy cabbage, small decorative plant

Head size: 6-8 inches

Head shape: round or slightly pointed

Head weighs:  1-1 pounds

Height: 10-12 inches

Width: 10-12 inches

Foliage color: green exterior, yellow-green interior

Garden spacing:  12 inches apart

Length of time from sowing seed to harvest:  about 55 days from transplants

Closest comparisons on market: 'Savoy Ace,' 'Savoy King'


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