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Ornamental Pepper 'Black Pearl'

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'Black Pearl' is a handsome plant with black foliage. But the standout quality is that 'Black Pearl' looks better as the summer season progresses. The plants branch, producing more clusters of black, pearl-like, shiny peppers. The plant grows taller and wider developing into a black pyramid shape without pinching, pruning, or grooming. 'Black Pearl' is exceptionally heat tolerant and requires minimal water and fertilizer. It is easy to grow from seed, bedding plants or pot plants with fruit set. There are no serious insect or disease problems. As the plant matures, the black peppers turn red, adding a new color to the plant. While edible, the peppers are very hot. Use with care! Black foliage is very trendy and 'Black Pearl' delivers true black leaves to the full sun garden. 'Black Pearl' is an effective background plant particularly with silver, white or pastel flowering annuals in the foreground.

Never out of bloom, 'Black Pearl' has already been selected as a "most popular" new plant by consumers visiting a trial ground. Its foliage, color and low care will attract many gardeners and "non-gardeners" to 'Black Pearl.' It performs exceptionally well in containers and deserves to be featured as the centerpiece.


Genus species: Capsicum annuum
Common name: Ornamental Pepper
Unique qualities: First black-leaved ornamental pepper. Black peppers mature to red.
Fruit: 3/8 inch shiny round peppers 3/4 inch diameter - very hot taste
Color(s): Lilac flowers
Plant height: 18-20 inches
Width: 16-19 inches
Garden Spacing: 18-20 inches
Length of time from sowing seed to flower: 20-24 weeks to first fruit
Closest comparison(s) on market: 'Explosive Ember,' 'Pretty in Purple'

Photo: Judy Sedbrook

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