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Vegetables for Mid-Summer Planting

By Carl Wilson, Horticulturist, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Denver County

Squeezing vegetables in before fall frosts makes good use of garden space available from the harvest of lettuce and other spring crops. This list offers suggestions on what and how late to plant so you have enough time to mature the crop before fall freezes.

  Our average killing frost date for Denver is October 11 although we can have light frosts as much as a month earlier. Remember that our climate varies a lot from year to year so we might have a much earlier or later killing frost. You may gamble by planting something later than the suggested last planting time and win - at least in some years.

Last suggested planting date for mid-summer vegetables 

Root Vegetables
Fruiting vegetables

* plants with this mark are tender and will be damaged by light frosts

Greens - The great thing about greens is that leaves can be harvested at many stages so partial crops may be harvested even in the case of early frosts.

Cabbage - mid July
Chinese cabbage - last week July
Collards - mid July
Endive - mid July
Green onions - mid July
Kale - first week of August
Leaf lettuce - mid August
Mustard - mid August
* New Zealand spinach - mid July
Spinach - mid August
Swiss chard - mid August
Turnip greens - early August

Root Vegetables
Beets - first week of August
Carrots - last week of July for Nantes and other small length types, earlier for long-rooted varieties.
Radish - first week of September
Turnip - last week of July

Fruiting Vegetables 
* Bush beans - mid July
Broccoli - last week of July
Brussel sprouts - first week of July
*Cucumber - mid July
Cauliflower - mid July - note that heading is very temperature sensitive
Summer squash - mid July

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