Alleghany Leatherleaf Viburnum (Viburnum rhytidophylloides 'Alleghany' )

Alleghany Leatherleaf Viburnum (200324 bytes) Alleghany Leatherleaf Viburnum is a hybrid viburnum (cross between V. rhytidophyllum and V. lantana 'Mohican') It is a multi-stemmed shrub that grows 8-10 feet tall and wide. Alleghany prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. It is adaptable to poor soils, compacted soils, dry soils and soils of various pH, but prefers moist to average well-drained soil. Drought, pollution, and heat tolerant, this shrub is a good urban choice.  Hardy to zone 4b. No serious insect or disease problems and is resistant to bacterial leaf spot. Prune as needed immediately after flowering since flower buds form in summer for the following year. A Plant Select choice in 1997.
viburnum,alleghany foliage (4284 bytes) viburnum,alleghany foliage in fall (5240 bytes) Foliage is semi-evergreen, dark green in summer, leathery, wrinkled, with deep veins. Leaves are up to 6 inches long. Fall color is a dark greenish brown.
viburnum, alleghany flower bud (6890 bytes) Floral buds are prominent terminal knobs that are set by mid-summer and may sporadically open in late summer and early fall.
 viburnum,alleghany,blossoms (8115 bytes) Flowers appear in late April and early May and are creamy white flat-topped trusses up to 4 inches in diameter.  
viburnum alleghany fruit (32179 bytes)  Fruit  Berries first appear bright red in early fall changing to glossy black. Fruit clusters can contain both red and black fruit at one time and are popular with birds.
viburnum, alleghany bark (4306 bytes) Bark is bold-textured, initially white and maturing to orange-brown.

Photos: Judy Sedbrook

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