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mompeepers award (37062 bytes) I truly found your site to be very helpful to this amatuer gardener! I have your site bookmarked and will be back for advice often!

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PeaceWork silver award (10246 bytes) Your site has been evaluated by the PeaceWork Certified Sites Judges' Panel and has been designated a Silver Certified Site! This Certification assures your visitors that your site is attractive, has interesting content, few (if any) dead links and navigates easily. It also assures you that all your hours of design and research have not been in vain. Our panel is comprised of several judges with differing levels of Web expertise. Most of us are graphic designers, web designers, and/or have our own awards programs. That in itself tells folks a lot about your site.

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award2.jpg (4482 bytes) Great site!! Congratulations! You've won my award for a job well done!!

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A-1pyro award (17959 bytes) Congratulations, you have won my Best of the Web Award. I found your layout very well put together and the content very interesting and useful. I enjoyed my visit very much, and it shows that you have put alot of time and energy into making it. It makes a great contribution to the web community.

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Webmaster central bronze award (9786 bytes) We reviewed your website and it is with great pleasure that we present to you our Bronze Award of Excellence. We loved the original content found on your site. This site is a must visit for everyone interested in gardening. We have seldom found more information about one subject and are pleased to say that your site is a worthy addition to the web. We would be more than happy if you would accept our small token of appreciation for your great work. Master Gardener is easy to navigate and can be displayed properly with all major browsers.

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Haiku award (9778 bytes) Kon-nichiwa, after reviewing the site we are pleased to inform you that your " Denver Master Gardener, Gardening & Horticulture " website has won the Bronze Award No. 026 of the Haiku Haus. Design and graphics are well done. Your navigation is clear-cut and easy to follow. The contents offers both: good information and a well done presentation. Congratulations! Good job! So, all in all our compliments to a job well done and thanks for helping the Web be a more interesting fun and attractive place to visit. Sayounara.

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