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By Carl Wilson, Extension Horticulturist, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Denver County

Cyclamens are very easy to keep from year to year as long as you provide summer care and have a cool room in your house in the fall. When plants stop flowering, reduce the amount of moisture to allow soil to completely dry out between waterings. Keep plants in indirect light, out of the sun.

In spring, repot plants in new soil positioning the corm at the same depth it was growing before. Note that the older corms of large plants may be a third to halfway out or the soil. If possible, move plants to a shady pot outdoors for the summer when night temperatures are reliably over 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the soil barely moist. The old leaves will eventually fall off after new leaves have grown in. Don't despair if you let your cyclamen get completely dry and the foliage is lost. After re-applying moisture, new leaves generally grow back.

In fall, bring plants indoors before nighttime temperatures fall below the 40 degree range. Night readings of 40 to 50 degrees and daytime temperatures of 65 degrees are ideal to set flower buds. Higher nighttime temperatures will produce fewer and smaller blooms.

An unheated bedroom may be ideal up to and during bloom. Bring this long-blooming plant out for you and visitors to enjoy. Provide as much sun as possible, fertilize every other week and provide constant moisture during this period. If plants dry out, the flower buds will drop.

Cyclamens bloom in white, pink, red and lavender. They come in standard, 12 inch types as well as miniature half this size. Expect bloom any time between October and March.

Photo: Judy Sedbrook


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