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Gardening in Denver . . .

Gardening in Denver is different from almost anywhere else in our country. It’s dry here–only 14 inches of precipitation a year on average. We have intense sunshine most days, low humidity, drying winds, and temperatures that may fluctuate 50 degrees or more in 24 hours. Then there’s the soil: highly alkaline and, in most parts of the metro area, heavy clay.

No wonder gardening is a challenge to newcomers and natives alike! Yet, many Denver landscapes are amazingly beautiful and productive. It’s a matter of knowing how to work with our special conditions. Giving you that know-how is the purpose of this guide.

Down to Earth in Denver . . . is arranged like a calendar with information provided for each month.

square2.gif (54 bytes) Calendar briefly tells what your lawn and garden might need that month.

square2.gif (54 bytes) Tips gives your more detailed information.

square2.gif (54 bytes) Timely Terms explains gardening terminology.

square2.gif (54 bytes) Pest Watch alerts you to what pests might be enjoying your garden.

square2.gif (54 bytes) Weather Facts gives you average weather statistics for the month. Be observant and adjust for the weather!

As you use this guide, you will notice references to numbered fact sheets. These research-based publications from Colorado State University are available from your local Cooperative Extension office. You will find an on-line link to many of the fact sheets on each page.  Links to other pertinent articles on this webpage will also be listed.

You can contact the office whenever you have specific gardening questions by phone or e-mail.  Information on how to contact us is also available on each page.  A knowledgeable person with references at hand will advise you, and if needed, mail you a pertinent Colorado State University fact sheet.

We hope that Down to Earth in Denver will become your valued guide as you enjoy your mile-high landscape.

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          square2.gif (54 bytes) March  square2.gif (54 bytes) September
          square2.gif (54 bytes) April  square2.gif (54 bytes) October
          square2.gif (54 bytes) May  square2.gif (54 bytes) November
          square2.gif (54 bytes) June  square2.gif (54 bytes) December

For information on specific gardening topics, see the other sections of our webpage listed below.

Community Resources

Principal Contributors:  Lynn Blair, William Cart, Margaret Geick, Joan Merrick, Marilyn Moore, Connie Rayor, and Harold Rayor.

With information and ideas from:  Cynthia Foster, Julie Hutchinson, John Lookingbill, and Mary Toledano.


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