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Insects in General Insects in the Vegetable Garden
Other Pests Insects in the Lawn
Pesticides & Controls Insects on Flowers
Plant Diseases Insects on Trees
Insect Pests in the Home Insects on Houseplants


Insects in the Lawn

bullet (136 bytes)Clover Mites and Lawn Damage
bullet (136 bytes)Turfgrass Insects


Insect Pests in the Home

bullet (136 bytes)Are Lady Beetles Invading Your Home? bullet (136 bytes)Insects in Firewood
bullet (136 bytes)Clover Mites in the Home bullet (136 bytes)Managing Nuisance Household Invaders
bullet (136 bytes)Cluster Flies: Over-winter in homes bullet (136 bytes)Vinegar "Fruit" Flies
bullet (136 bytes)Indian Meal Moth


Insects on Flowers

bullet (136 bytes)Aphids bullet (136 bytes)Geranium Budworm? Try Rototilling
bullet (136 bytes)Bumblebees bullet (136 bytes)Spider Mites in the Garden
bullet (136 bytes)Earwigs bullet (136 bytes)Thrips


Insects on Houseplants

bullet (136 bytes)Aphids Can Follow Plants Indoors
bullet (136 bytes)Fungus Gnats
bullet (136 bytes)Mealybugs on Houseplants
bullet (136 bytes)Spider Mites on Houseplants


Insects in the Vegetable Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Army Cutworm bullet (136 bytes)Plant Late to Elude Cornseed Maggot
bullet (136 bytes)Beans: Pests and Diseases bullet (136 bytes)new.gif (1325 bytes)Spinach Leaf Miners
bullet (136 bytes)new.gif (1325 bytes)Cabbage & Turnip Aphids bullet (136 bytes)Squashbug
bullet (136 bytes)Cabbage "Worms" bullet (136 bytes)Tomato Hornworm
bullet (136 bytes)Flea Beetles bullet (136 bytes)Tomato Insect Pests
bullet (136 bytes)Parsleyworm bullet (136 bytes)Tomato/Potato Psyllids


Insects in General

bullet (136 bytes)All About Honeybees

bullet (136 bytes)A Primer About Grasshoppers

bullet (136 bytes)Aster Yellows

bullet (136 bytes)Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Bat Houses on Your House-NOT!

bullet (136 bytes)Bees & Wasps in Trees

bullet (136 bytes)Bug-Zappers & Mosquitoes

bullet (136 bytes)Crickets

bullet (136 bytes)Currant Sawfly

bullet (136 bytes)Daddy Longlegs

bullet (136 bytes)Disappearing Caterpillars & the European Paper Wasp

bullet (136 bytes)Flying Ants

bullet (136 bytes)Ground Beetles

bullet (136 bytes)Hummingbird Moth



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bullet (136 bytes)Insect Pests by Monthly Occurrence

bullet (136 bytes)Leafcutter Bees

bullet (136 bytes)Miller Moths

bullet (136 bytes)Never Coddle a Coddling Moth!

bullet (136 bytes)No Honeybees, No Fruits or Vegetables

bullet (136 bytes)Pearslugs

bullet (136 bytes)Plants Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

bullet (136 bytes)Praying Mantids

bullet (136 bytes)Scale Insect Pests

bullet (136 bytes)Swarming Midges

bullet (136 bytes)The Insects of Fall

bullet (136 bytes)Those Icky, Sticky Aphids

bullet (136 bytes)Ticks in Colorado

bullet (136 bytes)Wasps and bees

bullet (136 bytes)What is a Wasp-Hornet-Yellowjacket-Bee?

bullet (136 bytes)Winter Survival Stategies of Insects



Other Pests

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bullet (136 bytes)All About Spiders

bullet (136 bytes)Animal Pests in the Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Banded Garden Spider: Garden Monarch

bullet (136 bytes)Birds vs. Cats: Evening the Odds

bullet (136 bytes)Brown Recluse Spider

bullet (136 bytes)Cat Faced Spiders

bullet (136 bytes)Daring Jumping Spider

bullet (136 bytes)Dustmites; not a problem in Colorado

bullet (136 bytes)Keep Mice Out of Vegetable Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Millipedes

bullet (136 bytes)Pets Can Be a Pest in the Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Rabbits

bullet (136 bytes)Slime Mold

bullet (136 bytes)Slugs

bullet (136 bytes)Snakes in the Garden

bullet (136 bytes)Spiderlings

bullet (136 bytes)What Ails My Plant?

bullet (136 bytes)Woodlouse Hunter: Dysdera crocata

bullet (136 bytes)Woodpeckers

bullet (136 bytes)Denver Animal Control (offsite)

square2.gif (829 bytes) Plant Diseases

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Pesticides & Control

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  bullet (136 bytes)Can Soaps be Used as Insecticides?

  bullet (136 bytes)Fall is the Time for Insect & Disease Prevention for Next Year

  bullet (136 bytes)Floating Row Covers Complicate Insect Management

  bullet (136 bytes)Gardeners Want Safe Pest Management

  bullet (136 bytes)New Book a Must for Gardeners

  bullet (136 bytes)New Over-the-Counter Pesticides

  bullet (136 bytes)Pest and Disease Control Using Horticultural Oils

  bullet (136 bytes)Pesticides: Natural Isn't Always Best

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