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  Pesticides in the Vegetable Garden

Information from Colorado State University Cooperative Extension

Spring is here -- a good time to caution Coloradans about the use of pesticides in the vegetable garden. No matter which pesticide you use, read the label before you buy or apply the pesticide. It is illegal to use a pesticide on any plant or insect or for any purpose other than what is listed on the label. Pesticide alternatives, such as washing insects off foliage with a strong stream of water, are recommended. If that doesn't provide control, try using an organic control such as Bt or an insecticidal soap. Again, follow label directions. If using more toxic insecticides, check the label for the waiting period between application and harvest of produce. Never use any systemic pesticide on vegetables. Systemics go into the plant and fruit and could cause poisoning if the produce is consumed.

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