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Down to Earth in Denver:

A Monthly Gardening Calendar of Tips, Ideas and Facts




Gardening Topics:

    Providing for Wild Birds in Winter

    Now is the Time to Winterize Your Garden

    Winter Watering


    Gifts of Special Garden Tools

    More Than Just a Catalogue

    Bulbs Can Shine Brightly in Winter

    Mulching Roses for Winter


     Select A Healthy Poinsettia

     Keeping Your Poinsettia Healthy

     Holiday Plants

     Storing Dahlia Tubers for Winter

     Preparing Perennials for Winter


    Salad in the Snow

    Planning Your Garden   

    Grow Your Own Tomatoes Indoors This Winter

    Use Fluid Seeding To Start Vegetable Seeds Early


    Plan Now for Your Fruit Crop


    Selection & Pruning are Key to Avoiding Snow Damage   

    Fall and Winter Pruning

    Removing Snow from Trees and Junipers

    Christmas Tree Selection and Care

    Caring for Your Live Yule Tree

    Winter Weather Brings Sunscald to Trees

    Consider a Living Christmas Tree this Year


    Snow Molds

    The Myth of Winterizer Fertilizers


    The Insects of January / February

    Mealybugs on Houseplants

    Insects in Firewood   

    How Insects Survive Winter

    Managing Nuisance Household Invaders

    Are Lady Beetles Invading Your Home?

    Pest and Disease Control Using Horticultural Oils


     Potting Mix Choices


     Winter Sunshine Smiles on Colorado Houseplants

     Winter is a Good Time to Groom Plants

     Watering Houseplants in Winter

     Houseplant Problems  Normal as Season Changes

     Giving Plants as Gifts Can Make People Feel Better



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