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2006 Treecycle Mulch Giveaway and Leafdrop Compost Sale

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Denver Recycles/Solid Waste Management and Denver Parks and Recreation have set the City's annual Treecycle Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale for Saturday, May 6th, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Free Mulch will be available at five locations while Leafdrop Compost will be sold only at the main Havana Nursery site only.

The mulch is made by grinding more than 19,000 Christmas trees collected by Denver Public Works/Solid Waste Management this past holiday season.  The Mulch is FREE and available to Denver residents on a first-come-first served basis.   Loader service for trucks and trailers will only be available at the Havana Nursery site.

Mulch is made of ground wood chips and is generally used as a top dressing for soil around trees and plants.  It helps control weeds, helps soil to retain moisture, helps moderate soil temperatures, and reduces plant and tree damage from lawn mowers.   Mulch is essential for trees, especially in periods of drought.  When using mulch around your trees make sure that you:

1.      Mulch throughout the drip line (the area under the branches).  This area is considered the critical root zone.

2.      Do not mulch up to the tree trunk. Leave a six-inch space between the mulch and the trunk of the tree.

3.      Do not put more than three to four inches of mulch throughout the entire mulch ring.

Compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment made from decomposed organic materials such as leaves and grass.  It resembles soil and it can be mixed into soil to help reduce water and fertilizer needs or spread thinly over the lawn to fertilize and help grass roots retain moisture. Compost can retain 100% of its weight in water and is an important component of gardening in a drought.  Leafdrop compost is made from more than 200 tons of leaves collected from Denver residents last fall and will be sold for $2 per 10-gallon bag (about 40 pounds) or $28.50 per cubic yard with loader service (with open trailers and pick-ups). A standard full size pick-up bed holds about 2 cubic yards. Sales tax will be added to the prices noted. Leafdrop Compost will be sold at the Havana Nursery site on May 6th only.

2006 Treecycle Mulch Giveaway Dates and Sites

Havana Nursery, 10450 Smith Road, two blocks south of I-70 on Havana.
(Dig-your-own and front-end loader service for trucks and trailers)

Only dig-your-own mulch at the following sites.

Veteran’s Park,
Iowa and Vine (Dig-your-own)

Bear Creek Park, South of Dartmouth on Raleigh (Dig-your-own)

Lake Park, Sheridan and 17th Ave. (Dig-your-own)

Fred Thomas Park,
Quebec & 26th Ave. (Dig-your-own)

Important Reminders:

  • Only Denver residents may participate.
  • Residents may dig their own mulch at all sites. Please bring a pitchfork or shovel and containers.
  • Residents not using the loader service should be prepared to shovel their own compost.
  • Residents with trucks or trailers need to bring a tarp to cover the load.

For more information on the Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale, residents may call 720-865-6810 or e-mail

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