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Gardening in a Dry Climate

By Kerrie Badertscher, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Horticulture

According to research at Colorado State University, Denver Water Board and Northern Colorado Water District, about seven percent of the Colorado water supply is used in landscapes. That may not sound like a lot but it's important to be water wise with our urban landscapes; in our arid state we can't afford to waste a drop of water.

The multi-year drought cycle occurs about every 20 years in Colorado. Most people believe we are in the third consecutive year of a drought cycle and that the state is in the fifth year of below average snow pack. We can contribute to water conservation by reducing our personal water use at home and on our landscapes. Colorado Gov. Bill Owens recently declared a drought emergency, meaning that we all have an increased responsibility to use water appropriately.

Information on Landscape Watering

Caring for Trees in a Dry Climate

Tree Watering Guidelines for Denver

Flower Management in a Dry Climate

Woody Plant Management in a Dry Climate

Home Vegetable Garden Management in a Dry Climate

Planting Trees and Shrubs in Times of Water Restrictions

Newly Planted Shrubs Require More Water

Current Watering Restrictions in Denver (offsite)

Other Front Range Water District Schedules Wondering what the water restrictions are for your community? Front Range and other area restrictions are now available all in one place via this site which is updated on a regular basis. The files are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to be read.  Download your free Acrobat reader here. get acrobat reader here (1692 bytes)

Other Information on water use by the homeowner during drought conditions:

What is Drought?

Lawn Management for Colorado Lawns (offsite)

Solutions to Landscape Irrigation Water Running Down the Street

Turf Management in a Dry Climate

Recognizing Drought Injury Symptoms

Response of Different Turf Types to a Dry Climate

Shutting Off Water to Bluegrass Lawns: A Legitimate Water Conservation Possibility

Bare Soil: When You Can't Plant Due to Watering Restrictions

Irrigation Management in a Dry Climate

Conserving Water Around the Home

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